I’m busy putting the finishing touches on the score for the first episodes of a new show called Asset, which will premiere on JTS.tv on January 15th!  There’s some amazing talent behind Asset, including my friends and Clutch alums Jonathan Robbins, Jeff Sinasac, and Matthew Carvery, and Mike Donis of Pete Winning and The Pirates fame, as well as crew from Out With Dad and more.  It’s always a pleasure to get to work with these amazing folks.

About Asset:

Eric Blair is recruited by the CIA without his knowledge to take on Russian crime lords.

Thrown into a situation out of your control, fighting not only for your life, but for the one who got away. This is reality for Eric Blair.

Do you believe in second chances?

Canadian civilian Eric Blair’s life is tossed into chaos, when the C.I.A. decides he’s their last chance to get close to international arms dealer, Valentin Lazerev. Eric’s high school romance with Nadja, Valentin’s now wife, gives him unprecedented access into the Lazerev household. Eric is forced to go undercover as a spy and risk his life, with no intensive training or high-tech gadgets. He must navigate his way through the complex and dangerous world of illegal Russian arms dealings, the C.I.A., and spy hunters looking to derail the mission at any cost.
To make things even more complicated, Eric’s falling for Nadja all over again.

Forced to adapt or die, Eric is The Asset.

Check out Asset online at https://www.assettheseries.com/ and like it on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AssetTheSeries

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