Out With Dad has released the first block of episodes for Season 3!  Episodes 1 – 6 are available now and are already being met with great excitement by the fans.

Canada’s Film and Television trade magazine Playback had the following to say about Season 3.01:

As befits the international beast that Out With Dad has become, France Television is to debut Jason Leaver’s Canadian web series next month.  The French broadcaster will subtitle the third season of the coming-of-age web drama that has drawn a loyal international following. […]  The third season also promises better production values and more Toronto locations, as the Rose, Vanessa and Claire characters face the darker side being out, dealing with such issues as homophobia, bullying in school, and LGBT homelessness.  Leaver injected viewers’ real life experiences into the script, which continues to be told from the perspectives of parent and teen child.  “I’m so humbled by the support from fans around the globe,” Leaver said. “This is their season, it quite simply wouldn’t have happened without them.”

One of the biggest surprises of the season was the release of episode 306.  Long kept under wraps, this top-secret episode was finally revealed on Dec. 11th and represents a ton of work that began almost 2 years ago!


I’m hugely proud of this and of the accomplishment of the entire team – it was quite a feat to pull this off.  In the coming months, we’ll produce some behind the scenes of the studio session and what it took to shoot this monster episode!

Watch it below, and click through the following to buy the song and download the (free) sheet music!  http://www.outwithdad.com/watch/3-06-out-with-song-and-dance



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