Out With Dad | Series (5 Seasons) | Jason Leaver, Creator/Writer | JLeaverPresentations

A teenage girl and her single father. Rose is coming of age, and coming out of the closet. Dad wants to make sure Rose’s coming out is as easy and painless as possible. Sometimes he tries a little too hard.

Canada’s most successful webseries has a devoted worldwide fan-base and over 25 million views.  I call this one of my “bucket list” projects, because of the impact it has had.  We get comments from people who live in countries where being gay is punishable by death, and for whom the show has literally saved their life.  Jason is one of my oldest friends, is a film-score enthusiast and expert, and working with him has always been a great pleasure.  The show was nominated twice for a Canadian Screen Award and has won countless awards at festivals around the globe.  The multi-award winning score was recorded with Bow Tie Orchestra (Moscow) for its final season.

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