In these case study videos, I provide a look into my process, with a focus on music as a problem solving device, and critical component in helping tell a story.  Each one features a different project and filmmaker, and relays some of the typical conversations, challenges, solutions that are part of each project.

The Music of Madness

Composer Adrian Ellis is charged with scoring the strangest, most violent film of his career.

He abandons his classical instruments to create music from items as ugly as the film itself: discarded metal boxes, power saws, jars, crowbars. He plays them with drumsticks, with violin bows, he pulls apart a piano and plays it with fishing wire. It’s a creative and poetic documentary that takes us through the demanding process of composing a film score. THE MUSIC OF MADNESS is an exploration of the challenges and power of experimentation, hand-crafted for any filmmaker, composer, cinephile or musician alike.  Winner of Best Music at the Hamilton International Film Festival, 2019.

The Music of Madness | Official Trailer from Tate Young on Vimeo.


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Behind the Score – The Scarehouse

The Scarehouse offered a unique opportunity to record sounds from the actual set of the film, which were processed and layered in with orchestral and synth elements.  Check out this behind the scenes look at the process, culminating in a string recording session in Prague.  The Scarehouse stars Sarah Booth (American Horror Story, Law & Order SVU), Katherine Barrell (Wynonna Earp, CBC’s Working Moms) and Kimberly-Sue Murray (Crimson Peak). The film was Best Feature at the New York City Film Festival and Top 5 Box Office in Canada during its opening weekend. Since then the film has enjoyed theatrical and digital release in various international markets including the USA, UK, Germany, Philippines, Japan and more. The Scarehouse Bluray is available for purchase on Amazon.



Music for Film: Inside the Score #1

In this segment, we’ll look at musical themes as a tool to establish perspective, how music can play to the emotional story in horror films, and help create feelings of empathy for characters.

Project: To Hell, With Love || Filmmaker: Gavin Michael Booth || Duration: 4:59

Music for Film: Inside the Score #2

In this segment, we’ll look at some very contrasting ways to approach the music in a scene, and how dramatically it can alter the audiences perception of the characters and what’s going on.

Project: Alice Industrial Wasteland || Filmmaker: Jack Wiktor || Duration: 5:34

Music for Film: Inside the Score #3

In this segment, we’ll look at how music can aid in the challenges of material that moves between serious drama to comedy, how music and rhythm can help propel scenes forward while providing tension, and connect scenes together while helping with transitions.

Project: Clutch Season 2 Finale || Filmmaker: Jonathan Robbins || Duration: 4:43

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