Adrian really understands how to extract what he needs from a director to understand the needs of the project, and then deliver exactly that. I knew going in that his product would be good, but it was the process that will draw me to want to work with him on every project I can.

Jonathan Robbins, Creator/Director
Mojopro Films

Adrian has a wonderful knowledge of all aspects of film and composition. On top of that he understands the detailed work that goes into the filmmaking process. As a director working with Adrian is always easy and exciting. He has unique ability to unscramble a director’s fuzzy thoughts and turn them quite literally into beautiful music. Working with Adrian on 3 projects, I was always surprised by his ability to enhance and create tone to bring a project to its full potential. He is a great collaborator and wonderful person to have with you on a project.

Greg Breen, Director/Writer
Steven Myerschmidt Bites The Big One

Adrian’s score on it’s own is chilling. Blended into the finished film it becomes the unnerving glue holding audiences’ attention and tension. His use of themes to represent two sides of the characters was beyond what I could have perceived in my imagination. Even in early discussions Adrian’s grasp of storytelling made me better understand my own film and the best way to reveal key twists.

As for Adrian outside of his artistry he completed the project on the tightest of deadlines with out compromising quality or originality. His workflow is flawless and his humbleness in taking suggestions and tweaking the score to my specific tastes are bar none. Now that we have our first project behind us I can’t wait for theater lights to dim again and again as Adrian’s music carries viewers into my future projects’ worlds.

Gavin Michael Booth, Director/Writer
To Hell, With Love

Thank you very much for your outstanding composition! You put in a lot of hard work on it and we were thrilled to hear it all. The space version is absolutely my favourite. Your prose and musical creativity were certainly in overdrive here!

Jeff MacDonald, Exec. Producer
Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada/CTV

Holy f**k Adrian!
I have tears in my eyes.
Wonderful, wonderful work.

Jason Leaver, Director/Writer
Out With Dad

I love working with Adrian… I’m definitely not sure where I would be right now without Adrian’s talent and supportiveness. He’s a mentor, a big brother and a good friend. He teaches me and makes following my passion that much more fun and exciting. I relate to him creatively and he always has wonderful ideas. He’s probably the best listener I know, not just because it’s his job as a musician and producer.

Nicole Simone, Artist
Late July

Adrian Ellis is a true professional, and understands the needs of filmmakers. He scored our upcoming indie feature, “The Uninvited” working against a tight deadline. The music he provided… has the whimsy of Danny Elfman, and a haunting quality that echoes the sound of Ennio Morricone.

Jonathan Pokay, Director
The Uninvited

Adrian rocks! Brought in at the 11th hour he managed to write a full score for our short film within a matter of days. He was sensitive to the film’s rhythms and enhanced the moods in all the right places. He has great intuition and needs little guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process with him. We will definitely work together again..

Mark Bochsler, Director
‘Tea with Mother’

The presentation has received great feedback… I truly believe your music lifted the piece to an entirely new level. I know you burned more than ‘mid-night oil’ to develop this brilliant piece, given the extremely tight turn-around time we gave you – many, many thanks.

Janet Hercz, Producer
Ryerson University’s The Chang School

Dust of the Earth was an extremely difficult film to not only make, but to find the right music for. After going through a series of different composers and not finding the right sound for the film, Adrian came on board. Not only did he understand precisely what I was looking for (despite my vague descriptions) but he delivered with the utmost creativity. Since the film’s completion, we’ve been the official selection of seven film festivals world-wide and won Best Documentary at the First Glance film festival. I cannot tell you how many people have commented on how perfect the music was. The film would just have not been the same without Adrian’s talent and commitment.

Rebecca Rose, Director/Writer
Rose Productions

After auditioning several guitarists, a friend of mine referred me to Adrian to play the role of funk guitarist, Alex Weir, in a re-enactment of the Talking Heads film, “Stop Making Sense,” and I can say that had the part before even picking up his guitar. Throughout the five-month process of preparing for the show, Adrian was always very well-prepared and professional. He needed no guidance, for he was always a few steps ahead of all of us, and got on great with all the other members. I was extremely fortunate to work with him and can’t wait to do it again.

Andrew Cariboni, Band Leader
The Legendary Fried Dough Band

Best Original Score in a Feature [Winner]

FANtastic Horror Film Festival,  September 2016
For Holy Hell

Best Original Score [Winner]

Hollyweb Festival, April 2016
For Asset

Outstanding Music [Winner]

TO Webfest, May 2015
for Haphead

Outstanding Score in a Drama [Winner]

LAWebfest, April 2014
for Clutch

Best Original Score (2x Nominated)

Indie Series Awards, February 2015
for Asset and Out With Dad

Best Original Score [Nominated]

Vancouver Web Fest, January 2015
for Haphead

Best Original Score – Drama [Nominated]

Indie Series Awards, April 2014
for Clutch

Best Soundtrack [Nominated]

Indie Series Awards, April 2014
For the Musical Episode of Out With Dad, Season 3

Best Original Score [Nominated]

International Academy of Web Television, January 2014
for Clutch

Best Use of Music [Nominee]

Indie Series Awards, February 2011
for Out With Dad

Best Use of Music [Winner]

Indie Series Awards, February 2010
for Out With Dad

Best Original Score [Nominated]

FANtastic Horror Film Festival, August 2015
for The Scarehouse

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