Having provided a new theme and music package for the 15th anniversary of Discovery Canada’s flagship program Daily Planet, I’m very excited to be again working with the team at CTV on an exciting new version of the theme to launch the 17th season with new co-host, Dan Riskin.  The season kicks off on August 29th, so get ready to get your science on!  I should mentioned that I’ve been a longtime fan of the show, and was sad to see host Jay Ingram retire.  However, I think Dan is going to be an amazing successor and I’m excited to see where the show goes next.

I’m also back to writing the score for the popular award winning webseries Out With Dad (www.outwithdad.com).  Going into it’s second season on July 7th, the show has garnered nearly 1.5 million views (um, congrats guys!!!), and was awarded a 2010 Indie Soap Award for Outstanding Use of Music.  The new season is going to be AMAZING – check out the trailer here (if you get through it without tearing up,

Singer/songwriter and social media superstar Miss Late July (http://miss.latejuly.ca/) released her sophomore EP, Hospital Quiet this Spring, which I produced and arranged.  It features stark, cinematic soundscapes, emotional storytelling, and lush string arrangements and was again mixed & mastered by Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers, The Hidden Cameras, The Constantines, Royal City).  Miss Late July is currently playing shows in Toronto with indie darlings The Elwins and Will Currie and the Country French.  I’m really proud of this EP, which Miss LJ likes to call her ‘sadcore’ album.  My favorite tracks are Good Behavior, Parkdale, and What’s Left.  I’m currently working with the talented Dan Beausoleil on his yet-to-be-titled debut – we’re in the studio laying down tracks this week, and then I mix through July.  Stay tuned!

Again, I’m plagued by media black-outs and Non-disclosure Agreements, and some of the most exciting stuff that’s cooking away in the background I CAN’T TALK ABOUT!  Mostly for karmic reasons.  At any rate, I’m blessed to have an incredible group of super talented friends, and I’m really excited to share some news in the (hopefully near) future – it’s definitely shaping up to be the BSE (Best Summer EVER).

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