I met the lovely Nicole Simone via the Intertubes, and most of this album was completed via us collaborating online via a series of hysterical email threads.  I love working with this unique and talented singer/songwriter, and I have to say I’m incredibly proud of this album.

In addition to producing, I play all guitar, bass, and keyboard parts.  My friend Michael McGuffin performed all my string, trumpet, and clarinet arrangements and the piano, and we brought in rising star Jason Pierce (Shiloh, Dallas Green, Justin Bieber) to play drums, which we recorded at Q Music Studio in downtown Toronto.  I spent a couple of days up in London, Ontario, at the House of Miracles with Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers, The Constantines, Jim Guthrie), who mixed and mastered the EP.

Literary Kings

A Well Kept Secret

Side Swept

Binary Hearts

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