Fall 2009 – art installation part of Nuit Blanche.  Directed by Jason Leaver.

For this project, I wrote an ambient score (featuring live viola, electric guitar, and sound design) that would loop back, as well as interact with itself on 4 opposing screens at a %25 offset.

Here’s a clip of the music on it’s own:

[audio:https://adrianelliscomposer.com/mp3s/Mobius_Clip.mp3|titles=Mobius (clip)]

Deja Vu, paranormal activity, and seemingly co-incidental events: all will all be explained. This is a journey into the center of a time paradox known as a “Mobius Event”.
Presented on four screens, each offset by 25% of the duration, key elements of the paradox temporarily interact with each other as past, present and future intersect in an infinite loop. Effect proceeds cause, reactions proceed actions and the paradox results in itself.

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