A handful of emerging filmmakers were handed a camera phone and asked to shoot a film exploring the theme of Courage for the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival TalentLab. Population 6 Billion is the film Sean Carley wrote, directed and edited, shot entirely on a Motorola Z6m cell phone with a budget of beer.
The film explores the notion that courage is usually not a newsworthy act of bravery, but rather how each of us chooses to face life every day.

Here’s a clip of the music on it’s own:


This lovely film features one of my favorite scores.  I wanted something that reflected the urban quality of the film, wasn’t too ‘big’ sounding, but most importantly had a strong tie to that human, emotional aspect.  The flute is an instrument that really speaks to that, as it’s based on human breath.  The Bansuri, which I play for this score, is a simple bamboo flute, but it has an amazing emotional resonance and sounds very haunting.

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