Surviving Bokator has its premiere

Pictured: Tharoth Sam performs a Bokator form at the premiere in Hamilton, Ontario. I'm very proud director Mark Bochsler and producer Sandra Leuba and the whole team that worked on this and am happy to announce that this passion project years in the making is finally...

In Conversation with Hans Zimmer

September 9, 2018, the Directors Guild of Canada: Visionaries, co-presented with the Screen Composers Guild of Canada In a career highlight moment, I was given the honour of moderating a talk with legendary film composer Hans Zimmer.  I spent a week deeply researching...

Best Music Award, New Projects, Orchestral Recordings and More!

Happy Summer 2017! (Pictured above: Adrian goes over parts for Red Spring with flautist Ron Korb)It's been a busy few months here at Lucky 88 studios... I was honoured to take home the award for Best Music - Sci-Fi/Fantasy for Plight! A Comic Book Rock Opera at the...


To help amazing creatives realize their vision by providing high quality, highly effective, signature, story-driven music that’s deeply woven into the fabric of the project.

To be a go-to creative partner who dives deep, and provides fresh perspective, uncovers hidden opportunities, and lends new energy to help bring out the best in every project.

To be a serious, top-tier professional who delivers a fun, easy-going atmosphere around the process, and encourages collaboration, great creative flow, and fantastic results.

Adrian Ellis is a true professional, and understands the needs of filmmakers. He scored our upcoming indie feature, “The Uninvited” working against a tight deadline. The music he provided… has the whimsy of Danny Elfman, and a haunting quality that echoes the sound of Ennio Morricone.

Jonathan Pokay

Director, "The Uninvited"

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