• It’s what you came for right?

    Here are some selections of music across different styles and genres.  If you’d like to hear something specific, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to put together a custom demo for your project!


    Haunting and surreal ambiances, hazy electronic mood pieces, and emotive world grooves.



    Orchestral fanfares invoking images of  heroism and triumph, dark battle/chase music, and hard driving orchestral/electronic hybrids, with the epic turned up to 11!



    From lush romantic orchestral themes, to mysterious, whimsical journeys.  Moments of thoughtful quiet, and tragic, sorrowful, but soaring melodies.  Heartwarming pieces, full of hope.



    Off-kilter character themes, slightly unhinged waltzes, and quirky moments of fun and, of course, LOLs!



    A little off the beaten path.  It might get weird and maybe a little Lo-Fi too, but always with a lot of heart.  Acoustic, indie-folk, mood pieces, and small ensembles.



    No cat-scares here – just the genuinely creepy, dark, and tense.  I won’t hold it against you if you turn on the lights.



    Ok, now we’re just getting goofy.  Seriously, stop being so serious.  Everything for the wee-wee ones to teens and cartoon fun.