• Adrian Ellis

    Photo credit: Scott Murdoch

    Adrian really understands how to extract what he needs from a director to understand the needs of the project, and then deliver exactly that. I knew going in that his product would be good, but it was the process that will draw me to want to work with him on every project I can.

    Jonathan Robbins, Creator/Director, “Clutch” – Mojopro Films

    Adrian is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist who studied in Canada and Germany.  He is best known for his theme and music package for Discovery Canada’s flagship show, Daily Planet, his award winning score the Canadian Screen Award nominated series Out With Dad, and his work as a producer for Late July, whose sophomore album was called “a work of art from beginning to end” by Spill Magazine. He has produced everything from solo artists to live orchestral scores, and appears on numerous recordings and live performances as a musician, arranger, and producer.

    Also busy in media and music communities, he has developed, moderated, and appeared on panels for festivals such as TIFF and for the Canadian Film Center, and serves as secretary on the board of directors of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada.  Adrian is an associate composer at Drastic Music Inc., and co-founder of Lolzilla Sound, a full service studio focused on providing music & sound for children’s entertainment.
    When not making music, you can find Adrian writing his blog “The Music Creative”, and teaching kids Karate.

    Music for Film/TV/Video Games/Theater/Media

    • Original Score and Licensing
    • Music Editing
    • Production Services/Consulting
    • Electronic/Synth/Programming
    • Arranging/Orchestration
    • Performer – guitar/bass/plucked strings, drums/percussion, bansuri, etc.  Kazoo (sort of, beginner)

    Production for bands and singer/songwriters:

    • Song writing/development
    • Album/Song Production or Consulting
    • Electronic/Synth/Programming
    • Arranging/Orchestration
    • Additional Musicians services
    • Yelling at singers in-studio until they cry

    As a Musician:

    • Guitar – in-studio or remotely.  Styles including rock/metal, blues/R&B, pop, fingerstyle acoustic/folk country, classical, ambient/improv.  20+ years experience.

    Other stuff:

    • Drawing purdy pictures
    • Shoulder to cry on, relationship advice
    • Tea leaf readings and small occult rituals
    • Accepting large cash donations in unmarked bills