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Photo by Scott Murdoch

Photo by Scott Murdoch


Adrian is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist who studied in Canada and Germany.  He is best known for his themes and music packages for Discovery Canada’s flagship Daily Planet, Canada AM, and both IIHF and CFL on TSN.  He first came to note with his award winning score for the Canadian Screen Award nominated series Out With Dad, and his work as a producer for Late July, whose sophomore album was called “a work of art from beginning to end” by Spill Magazine. He has produced everything from solo artists to live orchestral scores, and appears on numerous recordings and live performances as a musician, arranger, and producer.

Also busy in media and music communities, he has developed, moderated, and appeared on panels for festivals such as TIFF, Hot Docs, Reel World and the Canadian Film Center.  He currently serves as secretary on the board of directors of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, where his focus is on industry outreach and communication, and the importance of the filmmaker/composer relationship.
When not making music, you can find Adrian writing his blog “The Music Creative”, and coaching Karate.

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  1. Michael McIntosh’s avatar


    Your sense of professionalism comes through. I like your interpretation of the director’s comments and especially the line in which you spoke to checking your ego while still maintaining your sense of expertise. I am sure the balance you allow yourself in life comes from your martial arts training.

    I would like to start a dialogue with you that is not covered in your well written bio. When did you start the sound design aspect? What type of equipment do you use? Sample library’s, sequencer, sampler, mac or pc.

    I hope you feel I am not being too forward. I like your work and you seem like someone that is a bit wise in the ways.

    Hope you are having a successful 2009 so far. Perhaps, in the future, I can tell you a bit about my aspirations as someone who is a bit older (39) that is feeling like he’s just finding his voice as a composer.


  2. Adrian Ellis’s avatar

    Thanks for your comments, Michael.

    My foray into sound design studies was in 2005, and was mostly to augment my skill set. However, as much as I love and appreciate sound design, my passion is music and I made a decision to focus on that exclusively. Sound design certainly does play a big role in music, however, esp. in more adventurous scores.

    I’ll contact you privately regarding equipment and samples, etc. What I’ll say here is that I think it has to be a very personal choice. Take a listen to the libraries that are out there, and see which one resonates with you; visit the forums and see what’s being said about sound, usability, etc. You can do a lot with a little (and limitations are something I’m going to address in a future article). Also, I feel that a lot of composers sound the same because you recognize their samples, because they focus on writing to suit what their samples can do, and because some samples are so amazing and seductive that everyone uses them the same way without really thinking. And here we come to the balance between finding your niche, and satisfying clients who want ‘THE sound’.

    My rogue answer to your question is – it doesn’t matter! It’s what you do with those samples, sequencers, mac/pc, those TOOLS – that really matters, both from a business and from an artistic point of view.

    Good luck!


  3. Ceglar Franc’s avatar

    ich kan Deine website niht komentiren,mein englich is niht gut.Schönne grüße von Franc aus Unna

  4. cegglar  franc’s avatar

    danke schön für ibersezung jezt kan ich mein komentar abgeben

    du bis geboren für musik und producierst gutte musik

    mit liebe franc ceglar

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