Best Music Award, New Projects, Orchestral Recordings and More!

Happy Summer 2017! (Pictured above: Adrian goes over parts for Red Spring with flautist Ron Korb)It's been a busy few months here at Lucky 88 studios... I was honoured to take home the award for Best Music - Sci-Fi/Fantasy for Plight! A Comic Book Rock Opera at the...

Ars Technica: Ghosts With Shit Jobs is “Bucket List” Film

Ghosts With Shit Jobs, a film I had the pleasure of working on a few years back, was listed among 42 other Sci-Fi classics as a must-see, "bucket list" film by Ars Technica.  This Canadian indie is one of the most prescient (and funniest) explorations of what will...

Best Score Win for Holy Hell!

Holy Hell enjoyed a fantastic Canadian premiere at Blood In The Snow Festival in downtown Toronto!  There was a great turnout and everyone seemed to love the crazy on-screen carnage.  At the Q&A, Director/Writer Ryan LaPlante (who also plays the film's crazed...


To help amazing creatives realize their vision by providing high quality, highly effective, signature, story-driven music that’s deeply woven into the fabric of the project.
To be a go-to creative partner who dives deep, and provides fresh perspective, uncovers hidden opportunities, and lends new energy to help bring out the best in every project.
To be a serious, top-tier professional who delivers a fun, easy-going atmosphere around the process, and encourages collaboration, great creative flow, and fantastic results.
Adrian Ellis is a true professional, and understands the needs of filmmakers. He scored our upcoming indie feature, “The Uninvited” working against a tight deadline. The music he provided… has the whimsy of Danny Elfman, and a haunting quality that echoes the sound of Ennio Morricone. Jonathan Pokay

Director, "The Uninvited"

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